5898 Commits (3b89ee5501335e263a73fe61abebf812a00def35)

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  Cum Gun eecaba2031 Configurable SSH key exchange algorithm and MAC suite (#2806) 2 years ago
  lafriks d94e2a1c22 '[skip ci] Updated translations via Crowdin' 2 years ago
  Jonathan Lozada D 8a9cc86bf6 added myself to the translation list (#2828) 2 years ago
  Morlinest 122a66f6e0 Fix commits page url (#2823) 2 years ago
  lafriks 85e99b6a6b '[skip ci] Updated translations via Crowdin' 2 years ago
  Morlinest 25acd6c822 Use custom search for each filter type in dashboard (#2343) 2 years ago
  Lauris BH 266ebf8200 Revert en-US locale (#2821) 2 years ago
  lunny 3217102516 '[skip ci] Updated translations via Crowdin' 2 years ago
  Lunny Xiao c7ade55d39 fix update-translations on drone (#2822) 2 years ago
  lunny 1ccaddcfbb '[skip ci] Updated translations via Crowdin' 2 years ago
  Lunny Xiao de9915023d Fix wrong translations (#2818) 2 years ago
  appleboy 6f84569629 '[skip ci] Updated translations via Crowdin' 2 years ago
  Bo-Yi Wu c22f443f58 add gitea remote in drone. (#2817) 2 years ago
  Bo-Yi Wu dc6dad87d4 add remote name for git push. (#2816) 2 years ago
  Jonas Franz e9595a962b Download and pushing translations (#2727) 2 years ago
  Ethan Koenig 1b6a962e70 Include HTTP method in test error message (#2815) 2 years ago
  Ethan Koenig e6a97b6675 Use api.TrackedTime in API (#2807) 2 years ago
  Mulia Nasution e22549747c Fix dropdown menu position on explore repo (#2808) 2 years ago
  Mulia Nasution 605038dca9 Fix typo (#2810) 2 years ago
  Tao Wang d545e32b56 Add environment variable support for Docker image (#2201) 2 years ago
  cstyles b0b24a2dbb Use RelAvatarLink() in GetActAvatar() (#2800) 2 years ago
  Lauris BH 82fc50f4ee Fix Git LFS object/repo link storage in database and small refactoring (#2803) 2 years ago
  Ethan Koenig 513375c429 Make URL scheme unambiguous (#2408) 2 years ago
  Arif 6e98812ecf Fix copy in email templates (#2801) 2 years ago
  Bastian Rinsche 638509b217 Add Safari pinned tab icon (#2799) 2 years ago
  Lunny Xiao 9ddbbd9d5a improve force push detect when push (#2798) 2 years ago
  Omar Assadi 1da17db717 Fix Various Grammar Issues and Adjust Unnatural Wording (#2737) 2 years ago
  Ethan Koenig 5866eb2321 Code/repo search (#2582) 2 years ago
  Lauris BH 762f1d7237 Add wrapping to long diff lines (#2789) 2 years ago
  Morlinest ddb7f59ef4 Add search mode option to /api/repo/search (#2756) 2 years ago
  Jonas Bröms 4d01ecaef3 Show Sendmail settings on admin config page (#2782) 2 years ago
  Lauris BH 6a107e57f6 Add checks for commits with missing author and time (#2771) 2 years ago
  Gibheer bc84110989 don't check minimum key size when disabled (#1754) 2 years ago
  Lauris BH eca05b09aa Add commit count caching (#2774) 2 years ago
  Bwko 3ab580c8d6 Add branch overiew page (#2108) 2 years ago
  Jonas Bröms e86a0bf3fe Add support for extra sendmail arguments (#2731) 2 years ago
  Michael Kuhn 3af5b67ed0 Sync MaxGitDiffLineCharacters with conf/app.ini (#2779) 2 years ago
  Lunny Xiao 178bd498b9 fix imports 2 years ago
  Lunny Xiao 219ca5cadb some fixes 2 years ago
  Lunny Xiao 796be03e9b fix discord hook bug (#2778) 2 years ago
  Piotr Orzechowski b0f04e7593 Fix Polish language name spelling (#2766) 2 years ago
  Lunny Xiao 6eeadb2082 Hide unactive on explore users and some refactors (#2741) 2 years ago
  Lunny Xiao 03900303a9 add default ssh ciphers (#2761) 2 years ago
  Lauris BH 9ba7898911 Update vendor git (#2765) 2 years ago
  harry 81d1e54a49 Use identicon image for default gravatar. (#2767) 2 years ago
  Lauris BH e4990ba205 Fix emojify image URL (#2769) 2 years ago
  Morlinest a257f88a09 Remove manual of unsupported option (#2757) 2 years ago
  Lauris BH 0e9e48bd5c Fix activity css conflit with semantic ui (#2758) 2 years ago
  Antoine GIRARD 619b9b5547 Move swagger-ui under /api/v1 (#2746) 2 years ago
  Patrick G bc8d72666c Admin grammar fixes and improvements (#2056) 2 years ago