12 Commits (513375c429435ba60a667b219bdfb00e5b760b38)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Ethan Koenig 513375c429 Make URL scheme unambiguous (#2408) 2 years ago
  Lauris BH c7f4f07765 Integration test for activity page (#2704) 2 years ago
  Lunny Xiao 1739e84ac0 improve protected branch to add whitelist support (#2451) 2 years ago
  Ethan Koenig f1adaef458 Less verbose integration tests (#2123) 3 years ago
  Ethan Koenig f64c232953 Improve integration test helper functions (#2049) 3 years ago
  Lauris BH 0a5dc640a1 Make branch deletion URL more like GitHub's, fixes #1397 (#1994) 3 years ago
  Bo-Yi Wu 90f9bb12c6 fix golint error and rename func for suggestion. (#1997) 3 years ago
  Ethan Koenig ce9b86082c Consolidate boilerplate in integration tests (#1979) 3 years ago
  Mura Li 01322af2e8 Add integration test for pull-request merge (#1912) 3 years ago
  Ethan Koenig 61716bd8f7 Display URLs in integration test logs (#1924) 3 years ago
  Mura Li 662b8bc2a2 Add integration test for file editing (#1907) 3 years ago
  Lauris BH 0144817971 Do not allow commiting to protected branch from online editor (#1502) 3 years ago