5614 Commits (52e11b24bf5e395d83ea58c1b0fd6922efe16add)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  G 34df9deff1 Convert xorm literal queries to method calls (#2253) 2 years ago
  Lauris BH fa8d40faca Fix internal requests when gitea listens to unix socket or only external IP (#2234) 2 years ago
  Lauris BH a4ca54425f update code.gitea.io/git in vendor to fix #2245 (#2250) 2 years ago
  Lunny Xiao 4c54139afc add changelog of release v1.1.3 (#2252) 2 years ago
  Ethan Koenig 7e0654bd9e Fix counts on issues dashboard (#2215) 2 years ago
  Ethan Koenig f29458bd3a EnableUnit() -> UnitEnabled() (#2242) 2 years ago
  Christoph Handel 539d9f4c30 Fix git version check with four digits ( (#2236) 2 years ago
  G 66e8262530 Replace calls to xorm UseBool with Where (#2237) 2 years ago
  silverwind 31411a9462 Prevent selection of diff line numbers (#2240) 2 years ago
  Antoine GIRARD a804f0e052 go get github.com/wadey/gocovmerge when needed (#2235) 2 years ago
  Bwko 1193627014 Fix Commits nil pointer dereference (#2203) 2 years ago
  silverwind 9a505fafda Improve docs for PROTOCOL and HTTP_ADDR options (#2231) 2 years ago
  silverwind d74d8ecc2e Generate small and large logos at 4x resolution (#2233) 2 years ago
  Florian / sinnlosername 27c2dcf60e Fixed robots.txt 404 error (#2226) 2 years ago
  Ethan Koenig 49df677c47 Check for access in /repositories/:id (#2227) 2 years ago
  Lunny Xiao a9cc538ab5 remove unused variable on makefile (#2225) 2 years ago
  Lauris BH 60d7e56c69 Add task to generate images from SVG and change to new logo (#2194) 2 years ago
  Lunny Xiao 04c4028aea fix some bug 2 years ago
  Ethan Koenig fd45a032a7 Fix bare-repo bugs (#2199) 2 years ago
  Ethan Koenig aff11bc65e Fix hooks for integration repo (#2216) 2 years ago
  Ethan Koenig a27863b6d1 Fix issue updated_unix bug (#2204) 2 years ago
  Ethan Koenig 5f37944dff Fix unclosed session bug (#2214) 2 years ago
  Moritz Heiber 7e12aac61c Only allow token authentication with 2FA enabled (#2184) 2 years ago
  Lauris BH 1d032f5220 Fix compiling without sqlite and gcc (#2177) 2 years ago
  Tao Wang 41cc110e62 Use sqlite3 database as default for Docker image (#2182) 2 years ago
  Bwko 8f171210b9 Revert "Add ability to fork your own repos (#761)" (#2193) 2 years ago
  Ethan Koenig 48898e5d0b Fix PR nil-dereference bug (#2195) 2 years ago
  Lauris BH dde0052ca2 Fix key usage time update if the key is used in parallel for multiple operations (#2185) 2 years ago
  Lauris BH 3702dac0d5 Fix profile update for non-local users (#2178) 2 years ago
  Lauris BH f33e6ae09e Remove unit types commits and settings (#2161) 2 years ago
  Lauris BH 047a67a90b Refactor vue delimeters to use es6 template delimeters (#2171) 2 years ago
  Stefan Kalscheuer 0b177574c9 Only show SSH clone URL if signed in (#2169) (#2170) 2 years ago
  Wiktor Żurawik 32f289ae3b Make compare button URL aware if current repo is a fork (#2162) (#2163) 2 years ago
  bit 98c5a1e006 Only show "No Description" to repo admins (#2167) 2 years ago
  Ethan Koenig dd758ad8dc More integration tests for comment API (#2156) 2 years ago
  Christian Weiske c4ccf16c43 Fix OpenID registration route (#2160) 2 years ago
  Aaron Walker 6a3c03762a API: support '/orgs/:org/repos' (#2047) 2 years ago
  Bo-Yi Wu f011d6d4d7 fix: replace tmp with TMPDIR. (#2152) 2 years ago
  Lauris BH b639fa1648 Ignore invalid issue numbers in commit messages. Fixes #2022 (#2150) 2 years ago
  Lauris BH 7d61834dc9 Update code.gitea.io/git dependency (#2149) 2 years ago
  Lauris BH a739991b36 Fix repository settings collobration list display (#2151) 2 years ago
  Ethan Koenig 858324c21a Fix username rendering bug (#2122) 2 years ago
  Bo-Yi Wu 2c3efd72ce fix typo (#2145) 2 years ago
  Bo-Yi Wu 2b05b104ef Add verify changed less-file step to Makefile (#1861) 2 years ago
  Roy Marples 89845f6728 Fix SHA1 hash linking (#2143) 2 years ago
  Patrick G ceb3544697 Small grammar fixes (#2144) 2 years ago
  Ethan Koenig 93a1de4842 Fix repo API bug (#2133) 2 years ago
  Bo-Yi Wu da89afda58 feat: upgrade drone docker image to support multi-stage build. (#1732) 2 years ago
  Ethan Koenig 8f1d62ad3b Fix GET /users/:username/repos endpoint (#2125) 2 years ago
  Roy Marples c016d48735 Use POSIX complaint ! operator in find (#2132) 2 years ago