48 Commits (bf6f61cc690978bcad416ace8e8da2418602cbf3)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Gabriel Jackson bf6f61cc69 Cleanup log messaging 3 years ago
  Bo-Yi Wu 6510e57758 fix gofmt error 3 years ago
  Philip Couling d4924d45d6 Implement sendmail (#355) 3 years ago
  Lunny Xiao 2e565bc1c4 Golint fixed for modules/mailer 3 years ago
  Sandro Santilli 4247304f5a Update import paths from github.com/go-gitea to code.gitea.io (#135) 3 years ago
  Rémy Boulanouar 2d68bd1ef9 Change import reference to match gitea instead of gogs (#37) 3 years ago
  Unknwon 62b0dc4853 Web editor: fix cannot create new file in subdirectory 4 years ago
  Unknwon f1b8d52eb3 #2854 fix no mail notification when issue is closed/reopened 4 years ago
  Unknwon 0240f520ab #2954 minor fix for when to set HTML alternative 4 years ago
  Unknwon 8df3ba96f3 #2954 use text/plain as default email content format 4 years ago
  Sandro Santilli d35a1c30f4 Do not write HTML in text/plain mail part (#2954) 4 years ago
  Unknwon 926e75d721 #2334 strip whitespace for migrate URL 4 years ago
  Unknwon 2d3ecbe5b2 make mailer log more verbose 4 years ago
  Unknwon 373731f5e8 user gomail and new activate account email tpl 5 years ago
  Unknwon e75fd2f783 simplify names 5 years ago
  Unknwon b003b18788 #1649 Using commas to delineate emails 5 years ago
  Hongcai Deng fbb3486c95 fix syntax error 5 years ago
  Hongcai Deng 7b92dc3d9d implemented #1528 5 years ago
  Unknwon d7c3c79c00 minor fix on #1517 5 years ago
  Yixin Hao d720c92d99 Added supported of 'AUTH LOGIN' 5 years ago
  Unknwon c47afdff58 add config options for HELO 5 years ago
  无闻 3db80f2c55 Merge pull request #943 from diseaz/mailer-client-cert 5 years ago
  Gogs 2f1369c614 add error for hello func 5 years ago
  Gogs 5293ae1221 Fix: 504 5.5.2 <localhost>: Helo command rejected 5 years ago
  Dmitry Azhichakov 3aaf292ba8 Fix "forcing" client certificate for SMTP 5 years ago
  Dmitry Azhichakov 8a6c86644e New feature: SMTP connection may use client certificate. 5 years ago
  Unknwon bd555551ce fix #801 5 years ago
  无闻 030b3d751e Merge pull request #766 from phsmit/correct_from 5 years ago
  Peter c884ecfea1 Parse the from string to extract the email address 5 years ago
  Peter edbe1de026 Remove unused "User" member of Message Struct and fix bounce address 5 years ago
  Peter 2321b4b272 Change from header in email, fixes #765 5 years ago
  Peter 007cf33e88 Remove standard mailer port lines 5 years ago
  Unknwon b231b8c927 update locale and mirror code format 5 years ago
  Peter eca42bcb44 Prefer CRAM-MD5 over PLAIN authentication 5 years ago
  Peter 5ffeca35e7 Add option to use CRAM-MD5 as authentication method in the mailer 5 years ago
  Peter 87be137b88 Rewrite of SendMail function 5 years ago
  Alukardd 21081836ba Allow send mail without authentication if SMTP server allow this 5 years ago
  mcheng89 b9881d1e7b check for smtp AUTH extension 6 years ago
  Unknwon 39931f8e00 Allow mail with self-signed certificates 6 years ago
  Michel Roux 6705559ce0 Fix malformed address 6 years ago
  Unknwon 8dd07c0ddd New UI merge in progress 6 years ago
  Unknown 688ec6ecbd Fixed #209 6 years ago
  Unknown 4744996f9a Make gmail auth work 6 years ago
  Unknown c1a3d4fefb Add mail notify for creating issue 6 years ago
  Unknown f6596f11c4 All configuration reload-able 6 years ago
  Unknown f9fd972cbe Bug fix 6 years ago
  Unknown 6f68620860 Pools limit concurrent nums 6 years ago
  Unknown de087c7b4a Add send register confirm mail 6 years ago