5185 Commits (c58708d3eedb352bb277feb2c12bb1652a8a58b7)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Ethan Koenig c58708d3ee Integration test framework (#1290) 3 years ago
  Lunny Xiao 3012971e92 fix bug on status API (#1533) 3 years ago
  Antoine GIRARD eb1075dd4c Check if missing/modified/unused deps in vendor and fix errors (#1468) 3 years ago
  Morlinest fcc7cdab11 Fix markdown rendering (#1530) 3 years ago
  Morlinest 5b8fe1e181 Do not show empty collaborators segment (#1531) 3 years ago
  Kim "BKC" Carlbäcker 4bea219128 Status-API (#1332) 3 years ago
  Lunny Xiao 52627032bc Add markup package to prepare for org markup format (#1493) 3 years ago
  Lunny Xiao f0db3da713 fix go get sub package and add domain on installation to let go get work defaultly (#1518) 3 years ago
  Lunny Xiao 42072783c9 support health check via / and fix #969 (#1520) 3 years ago
  Lauris BH bb14c97d40 Fix empty file download (#1506) 3 years ago
  Bo-Yi Wu fa2a513c62 feat: add download count field and unit testing for attachment. (#1512) 3 years ago
  Lunny Xiao a2d365c81f fix #1501 ssh hangs caused by #1461 (#1513) 3 years ago
  Jonas f995bcc87a Add repo mirror sync API endpoint (#1508) 3 years ago
  Lunny Xiao 2eeae84cbd Add internal routes for ssh hook comands (#1471) 3 years ago
  Lauris BH f42ec6120e Better URL validation (#1507) 3 years ago
  Antoine GIRARD 941281ae12 Use MAINTAINERS file in repository in CONTRIBUTING (#1489) 3 years ago
  Antoine GIRARD c764a542c0 Adding @sapk to MAINTAINERS (#1497) 3 years ago
  Antoine GIRARD cf91cfb993 Migrate WatchInfo struct to api (#1492) 3 years ago
  silverwind 237270ef50 Orgs: fix org page title when full name is not defined (#1495) 3 years ago
  Kim "BKC" Carlbäcker d409d3ab57 Sanitation fix from Gogs (#1461) 3 years ago
  Michael de Wit 21290d4e80 Optimize and fix autolink function (#1442) (#1444) 3 years ago
  Bo-Yi Wu 22295944df refactor: show command help message. (#1486) 3 years ago
  Jonas be6edaddcb Repo size in admin panel (#1482) 3 years ago
  Jonas 54f0293f0a Mirror sync interval specified as duration string (#1407) 3 years ago
  Mura Li edbb9eefd6 Fix race when running commands with timeout (#1465) 3 years ago
  Lunny Xiao 5c0bee9b20 refactor update ssh key use time (#1466) 3 years ago
  Antoine GIRARD d9db188274 Fix #1418 (#1456) 3 years ago
  Jonas e0df611cbc Autofocus on 2fa passcode fields (#1460) 3 years ago
  Lunny Xiao 5acfc7c4bc fix migrate failed and org dashboard failed on MSSQL database (#1448) 3 years ago
  Lunny Xiao cf6699fb4f fix gpg API panic when no verification (#1451) 3 years ago
  Morlinest cbeeaa1b11 Fix and simplify repo branches UI (#1435) 3 years ago
  Sandro Santilli 410af6971b Set VERSION from git once, in a variable (#1447) 3 years ago
  Damien Gaignon a78a0266c4 Correct broken unaligned load/store in armv5 (#1355) 3 years ago
  Patrick G d800305b34 Commit search appearence fixes (#1254) 3 years ago
  Bo-Yi Wu 0cee52e0d3 fix: remove `str2html` from org full name (#1360) 3 years ago
  Jonas e7493e953f Corrected Mirror.NextUpdate not set (#1388) 3 years ago
  Mura Li 2d1efcc270 Add GOFLAGS and EXTRA_GOFLAGS (#1438) 3 years ago
  Mura Li b746757209 Remove unused mutex field (#1440) 3 years ago
  Mura Li 93c25c9a35 Fix races in the log module by using syncmap (#1421) 3 years ago
  Kuba Tyszko 5d6b71fdbb fixes pull request hanging indefinitely when it contains normal and LFS file pointers (#1425) 3 years ago
  Morlinest 21fd3da6f5 Fix disabled fields in repo settings UI (#1431) 3 years ago
  Andrey Nering 37a34c1a28 Merge pull request #1410 from andreynering/notification/issue-watch 3 years ago
  Andrey Nering f6e5ce65b2 Improve tests a little 3 years ago
  Andrey Nering e5c56fe30d Code style fixes 3 years ago
  agrn 88112a5324 Fix "Error: No issue number specified" when pushing (#1393) 3 years ago
  Jonas 095e1f5155 Support for custom html meta (#1423) 3 years ago
  Mura Li 6a39250579 Add length check for the return string (#1420) 3 years ago
  Andrey Nering fac7a6fecf Merge pull request #1390 from Morlinest/commit-graph-UI 3 years ago
  Andrey Nering e6781d5488 Add unit tests for issue_watch 3 years ago
  Andrey Nering a90ffffb1a Use variables for times 3 years ago