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  Ethan Koenig aa962deec0 Replace deprecated Id method with ID (#2655) 2 years ago
  Ethan Koenig 2559a34b97 Load label ID in NewLabels (#2045) 3 years ago
  Lauris BH 6db387a21e Refactor session close as xorm already does everything needed internally (#2020) 3 years ago
  Lunny Xiao d76f34ef51 small optimization for get issue labels 3 years ago
  Lunny Xiao 8a0be5e9f0 Bug fixed for deleted label in issue comment (#904) 3 years ago
  Ethan Koenig 10644d6dd7 Bug fixes and unit tests for models/issue_label (#802) 3 years ago
  Lunny Xiao f94869d2d1 Track labels changed on issue view & resolved #542 (#788) 3 years ago
  Ethan Koenig 1207bda94b Fix typos in models/ (#576) 3 years ago
  Bwko a345a03d99 Added sorting to the labels & milestones page (#199) 3 years ago
  Kim "BKC" Carlbäcker e8e0539b45 Linting 3 years ago
  Kim "BKC" Carlbäcker e6cfccdd40 GitHub API Compliance (& linting) 3 years ago
  Bwko c0ca6644ad Lint/issue &mail (#243) 3 years ago
  Lunny Xiao 30a37311f8 use in instead string join (#155) 3 years ago
  Sandro Santilli a1c5f02444 Fix import path of go-sdk (#141) 3 years ago
  Thibault Meyer b0ddced2b5 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into feature/rewrite-xorm-queries 3 years ago
  Thibault Meyer a4454f5d0f Rewrite XORM queries 3 years ago
  Sandro Santilli 4247304f5a Update import paths from github.com/go-gitea to code.gitea.io (#135) 3 years ago
  Thomas Boerger 4c6c16f358 Replaced go-gogs-client with go-sdk imports 3 years ago
  Rémy Boulanouar 2d68bd1ef9 Change import reference to match gitea instead of gogs (#37) 3 years ago
  Unknwon 28cf0e6aaa #3459 code quality improvement 4 years ago
  Unknwon 13c106af77 label: adjust forecolor boundary 4 years ago
  Thibault Meyer f50e568fd1 Fix #3189: Sort labels by name (#3446) 4 years ago
  Unknwon 3f7f4852ef #2246 fully support of webhooks for pull request 4 years ago
  Unknwon e7fd65f0cf #3290 better code structure and batch minor improvements 4 years ago
  Unknwon d320915ad2 Minor fix for #2710 4 years ago