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  Ethan Koenig c0a7899416 Sort repos in issues dashboard sidebar (#3072) 2 years ago
  Morlinest ddb7f59ef4 Add search mode option to /api/repo/search (#2756) 2 years ago
  Morlinest ccd3577970 Fix repository search function (#2689) 2 years ago
  Morlinest dff26e25ca Remove redudant functions and code (#2652) 2 years ago
  Morlinest 9a75a5d59b Use custom type and constants to hold order by options (#2572) 2 years ago
  Lunny Xiao f61a1d210c Fix missing collabrative repos (#2367) 2 years ago
  Bwko 1a5fe4326f Add collaborative repositories to the dashboard (#2205) 3 years ago
  Ethan Koenig 7e0654bd9e Fix counts on issues dashboard (#2215) 3 years ago
  Andrey Nering ab79069dc7 Improve dashboard repo search (#1652) 3 years ago
  Antoine GIRARD 3edb0c5894 Generate swagger json (#1402) 3 years ago
  Ethan Koenig c99e7e1a62 Simplify RepositoryList.loadAttributes() (#1211) 3 years ago
  Lunny Xiao 32faec00e6 move all repo list functions as a standalone file (#1061) 3 years ago