Fork to maintain patches against the official gitea for

install-as-service.bat 960B

  1. @ECHO off
  2. :: This script relies on nssm.exe to work.
  3. :: Please, download it and make it available on the system path,
  4. :: or copy it to the gogs path.
  5. ::
  6. :: This script itself should run in the gogs path, too.
  7. :: In case of startup failure, please read carefully the log file.
  8. :: Make sure Gitea work running manually with "gitea web" before running
  9. :: this script.
  10. :: And, please, read carefully the installation docs first:
  11. ::
  12. :: To unistall the service, run "nssm remove gogs" and restart Windows.
  13. :: Set the folder where you extracted Gitea. Omit the last slash.
  14. SET gogspath=C:\gogs
  15. nssm install gogs "%gogspath%\gogs.exe"
  16. nssm set gogs AppParameters "web"
  17. nssm set gogs Description "A painless self-hosted Git service."
  18. nssm set gogs DisplayName "Gitea - Git with a cup of tea"
  19. nssm set gogs Start SERVICE_DELAYED_AUTO_START
  20. nssm set gogs AppStdout "%gogspath%\gogs.log"
  21. nssm start gogs
  22. pause